Sunday, May 25, 2014

Petals on the Wind Part 4

So Jory’s been born, and he and Cathy are still living in Paul’s house with everyone. They all love the baby, no one more so than Carrie, who is totally attached to him. Paul and Chris fight for his affection.

Of course, they’re also fighting for Cathy’s affection. She tries to split her time evenly between the two. Cause that’ll make everything easier. Chris gets an opportunity to go to the Mayo Clinic for nine months, and tries to get Cathy and Jory to come with him. At first she’s dismayed at the thought of him leaving, but then tells him to go, and forget about her. He tries to paint a happy picture of them living together, but she wants someone she can sleep with.

Besides, she’s got a new plan forming. She starts working for Madame Marisha, even though the two of them don’t work well together. Then she moves herself and Jory out to a small cottage. However, she needs more money, so she starts sending creepy blackmail letters to her mother. Of course she does. But that doesn’t get her anywhere.

So she decides to take another course of action. Julian’s insurance won’t pay. What she needs is an attorney, and what do you know? Bart Winslow is back in town, working at his firm. So she goes to see him, and he recognizes her. Turns out, he’s seen her dance, because his wife’s a big ballet buff. That thrills Cathy. She explains about the insurance, and he says he’ll get it for her. Then she starts insulting him for some reason, and leaves. But he gets the check for her anyway. When he brings it to her, he tells her they’ll have dinner, and discuss his fee then.

So they have dinner, and Cathy starts insulting his wife. She’s just so charming, isn’t she? But she does find out he’s relocating his offices to Virginia. He and Corrine are moving back to Foxworth Hall. So now Cathy knows where she’s going. Because she is completely psycho.

So she packs up Jory and Carrie, and moves to Virginia. Paul is just resigned about them going. Carrie is less than happy, and Cathy doesn’t even tell her where they’re going. But as they get closer she figures it out. Poor Carrie.

They find a cottage to live in, and Cathy buys a ballet studio that’s already up and running. So life is just grand. It gets even better for Carrie. She’s met a man! And he seems interested in her! His name is Alex, and he’s an electrician, but he might want to be a minister.

Paul comes for the weekend to meet Alex, and of course he and Cathy end up sleeping together. And then Chris calls. Excellent timing. She hadn’t told him about moving to Virginia, and he tries to warn her off of whatever it is she’s planning. But does she listen? Of course not.

Things are going well with Carrie and Alex, until one day when she freaks the fuck out. Alex told her he has decided to become a minister. Carrie is convinced she’s not perfect enough to be a minister’s wife. She still remembers the grandmother calling them evil and unholy, and she believes it. Seriously, why were they not given therapy? Cathy tries to calm her fears, but to no avail. Carrie then admits to doing something sexual with Julian, and kind of liking it. She’s got terrible guilt over this.

One day Carrie starts to feel ill, but Cathy’s got to get to the dance studio. And that day, who should walk in but Bart Winslow? And he’s got something to show Cathy; all the letters she’s been sending to Corrine. Oh shit. She tells him she’s too busy to deal with this now, and he’s says that’s fine, but they will talk again.

When she gets home, she finds Carrie very ill indeed. She’s got a high fever, so Cathy rushes her to the hospital. While she’s there, she just continues to lose weight and get sicker. Paul comes in, and then Chris. By that time, Cathy knows what’s wrong. It’s fucking arsenic. Carrie has been putting it on powdered doughnuts, so she can die just like Cory did. That is some fucked up shit right there. She left Chris and Cathy a note explaining what she did, and Cathy found the doughnuts.

One night, Carrie wakes up to tell Cathy a secret. One day, she saw a lady on the street who looked just like Corrine. Carrie ran up to her and grabbed her hand, and it was her. But she just looked Carrie straight in the eye and told her she didn’t know her, even though she obviously recognized her. So Carrie thought she didn’t want her because she was so bad.

And so, because Carrie has no will to live, she does indeed die. They bury her back in South Carolina, with Paul’s people. At the gravesite, Cathy spots a woman dressed in black, obviously trying to keep hidden. But Cathy recognizes Corrine by the way she twists her pearls. And Cathy vows to make sure “all her remaining days on earth were black.”

Oh yeah. Shit’s about to get real.

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