Saturday, May 24, 2014

Petals on the Wind Part 3

So Cathy and Julian have been married a while now, and Julian has some serious issues. He’s super jealous of Chris and Paul (well, I guess with good reason, even if he doesn’t know it) and when Chris comes to New York to visit, Julian gets super pissed. So Cathy and Chris spend their time wandering through parks, holding hands.

Julian is ok with Carrie visiting, however. Apparently, he has quite a thing for young girls. And Cathy is aware of this. Yet she still lets her little sister around him. Ugh. Cathy, you suck.

After they’ve been married five years, Cathy and Julian still haven’t made it to the top of the ballet world. They have successes, but then seem to fall back. They do have a tv production of Giselle coming up. They go on vacation to Spain to rest up for it. There, they get the invitation for Chris’ med school graduation. Julian’s all, Hell no, you’re not going. Cathy’s like, Hell yes, I am, and totally drugs his coffee, and sneaks back to the US. That’s a healthy marriage, for sure.

So Chris graduates at the top of the class, because, of course he does. These kids are perfect, after all. Aside from the fucked up relationships, of course. The family has a big celebration, and then Chris and Cathy have a moment to themselves, and Chris ruins it by proclaiming his unending love for Cathy. Sigh.

One day Chris brings Cathy a newspaper, with an article about how Julian and Cathy have split, and Cathy has been replaced in Giselle, with Yolanda, her former roommate that she hates. Huh. Who’d have thought he’d be pissed and try to get back at her?

Cathy goes to visit Madame Marisha, and Madame gets all mad at her. She tells Cathy even more about Julian’s fucked up relationship with his father. Cathy suddenly has a moment of inspiration, and realizes Julian wanting to show his father up is like Cathy wanting to show her mother up. And Cathy realizes…she actually does love Julian! Sunshine and roses!


So Cathy wants to go back to New York, but Chris insists on going with her, and staying until he knows everything is ok. They go straight to the theater where they’re rehearsing Giselle. It’s going really badly. Julian doesn’t know how to partner anyone but Cathy anymore, and he keeps almost dropping Yolanda. Madame Zolta spots Cathy, and tells her to get her ass up and go put on practice clothes, and get up there. She does so, and when she shows up backstage, Yolanda gets all pissy, so Cathy just pushes her down, and dances onstage. Nice.

Julian is surprised to see her, and then pissed. They dance, perfectly, while they fight. Then Julian has enough, jumps up, and comes crashing down with all his weight on Cathy’s feet.

Cathy ends up with four broken toes. But never fear, Chris is there to take care of her. He takes her back to her apartment, where they find it’s been trashed. He gets her into bed, and of course lies down next to her. And then he just can’t help himself; he starts kissing her all over. Jesus Christ, Chris. But Cathy has just the thing to make him stop. She tells him she’s pregnant with Julian’s child. Oh snap!

And then Cathy gets a phone call that night. Julian has been in a terrible car accident. They rush to the hospital, and find him all sorts of broken, including his neck. It takes a few days for him to become lucid, and when he does, he’s not exactly thrilled to see Cathy. She proclaims her love for him, but he’s having none of it. She tells him about the baby, and he advises her to get rid of it.

A few nights later, Cathy goes into his room to check on him, and notices his IV is draining really fast. She gets Chris, and they discover Julian had cut the tube, and an air bubble must have got into his heart. Or something. Anyway, Julian’s dead. Peace out.

Madame Marisha is super upset of course, until Cathy tells her about the baby. Then Madame starts going on about how this baby will be a dancer, as well. Out with the old, in with the new, eh?

And Cathy figures out a way to blame Julian’s death on her mother. Ok, Cathy.

So Cathy’s back at home for her pregnancy. She tries to split her time evenly between Paul and Chris. But somehow she ends up sitting in Paul’s lap. She actually says, “Life seemed to me nothing without a man.” Christ, Cathy. Major eye roll. Paul tells her he still loves her, and they end up kissing. And Chris walks in, and gets all pissed off. Paul says they have to do something about Chris, that Cathy must make him understand that it can never happen with her. Gee, YA THINK? Maybe you should have advised her to do this YEARS ago, Paul. But Cathy finds it difficult to do that, and admits only to herself that she doesn’t actually want him to find anyone else. You’re a selfish bitch, Cathy. And then she blames it on her mother. Take some fucking responsibility for your own damn self, Cathy.

Cathy finally gives birth to her son. His name is Julian Janus Marquet, but they’ll call him Jory. Paul is all, wtf? But Chris explains it. If he were blond she would have named him Cory, but since he’s dark, the J is for Julian and the rest for Cory. Cathy thinks it’s just so wonderful to be understood without having to explain.

Gag me.

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