Thursday, May 22, 2014

Petals on the Wind Part 1

By V.C. Andrews. Published June 1980.

I’m back, bitches! And in the lead-up to the Lifetime movie, it’s going to be a Petals on the Wind-apalooza! Yay!

So, Cathy, Chris, and Carrie have escaped the attic, and their psycho mother and grandmother. They’re on a bus on their way to Sarasota, Florida, to join the circus. Ok. Good plan. Whatever, at least they’re not being poisoned anymore, right? But Carrie is still really sick and weak, and ends up throwing up on the bus. Cathy tries to get it cleaned up with napkins, but it doesn’t go so well, and people complain.

But then comes their guardian angel, in the form of a large black woman. And y’all, Cathy wants to make it clear, that she is very obese. Way to go, Cathy. We can’t all have super skinny bodies due to starving away in an attic, ya know? Anyway, their angel doesn’t speak, but writes notes instead. Her name is Henrietta Beech, and she says Carrie is very sick, and needs to see a doctor. Fortunately, she can take them to her “doctor-son.” She harasses the bus driver, and gets him to take them right to the doorstep of her house.

Snoozing on the porch is a forty-year-old man. Geez, the first time I read this, that sounded practically elderly. Now, not so much. Anyway, this is Henny’s “doctor-son.” His name is Paul Sheffield, and he is indeed a doctor, with offices in his house. Henny is his housekeeper/cook. He freaks out at the sight of Carrie, who has passed out. He checks her out immediately, and says she needs to be admitted to the hospital, probably for about two weeks. Oh dear.

He wants to hear their story from Cathy and Chris. Chris first tells him they’re orphans, but they’ll find a way to pay for Carrie’s treatment. Paul knows this isn’t the case, he can tell from their appearance. They’re wearing good jewelry, and well-made but ill-fitting clothes. Finally, Cathy caves, and tells him their whole sordid tale. Leaving out the incest parts, and about Cory. Paul isn’t sure if he believes her, but then decides he does. He tells them they all three need to get checked out, and they’ll stay with him and Henny. Ok.

Oh noes! This will be the first time in forever Chris and Cathy will sleep in different rooms. It starts to rain, and Cathy runs to Chris’ bed. They start kissing. Then Cathy pulls away, and says she didn’t come for this. Chris is all, “I’m not made of steel, Cathy.” She goes back to her bed, crying. Seriously, you two, knock it off.

Chris and Cathy decide to test Paul, to see if he really wants them to stay. They tell him now that Carrie’s better, they’ll move on. He tells them to hold on a damn minute. He’s been looking into making them his wards. Umm, ok, it’s been like two weeks, that seems a little quick, but whatever. They’ll have to prove their father’s dead, and the court would petition their mother to appear at a hearing. If she doesn’t show up, they’re Paul’s. If they agree, of course.

And THEN, he totes guilt trips them. He tells them about how lonely he’s been since his wife and son died in an accident thirteen years earlier. But if they want to go, he won’t stop them. But they can throw away their dreams, of Chris becoming a doctor and Cathy a dancer. But, no pressure or anything.

In the end, though, it’s Carrie who decides. She’s all, hell no, I’m not leaving and going to some stupid circus! So they stay.

Paul takes them on a hell of a shopping spree, to get them all fitted out. Cathy finally gets the bra she’s always longed for. Carrie has a shit fit, though. The only things that will fit her are toddler clothes, in baby pastel colors, not her preferred purple and red. A woman suggests they get her custom made clothes, and Paul says that’s a great idea. Cathy can learn how to make her clothes. Cathy’s not so sure about this, but they buy a sewing machine for her anyway.

The day of the hearing comes, and they wait and wait, scared to death that Corrine will show up. But she just can’t give up all that money, so she doesn’t.

Although the kids were scared at possibly seeing her, the kids are pretty upset about her just throwing them aside. So what do Chris and Cathy do? They start making out and getting all aroused, of course. How else would you deal with an upsetting situation? Cathy makes Chris stop before goes any farther than him kissing her breasts, but that’s really far enough for me, kids.

Cathy says they can’t make the same mistake as their parents. He tells her, “You’ll never be free of me, Cathy, never. As long as you live, it will be me and you.” Oh, that’s not creepy AT ALL, Chris. Jesus. So Cathy kisses him, and runs back to her room. Holy hell. Paul, you need to get these kids some help.

And so ends Part One.

Here’s a trailer for the movie, to get you pumped up. I am!

That’s right. The next two are coming out next year. And they're apparently doing My Sweet Audrina, too. YEEEESSSS!!!

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