Thursday, May 29, 2014

BSC SS #5: California Girls! Part Two

On the day of the Universal Studios trip, Mallory starts the day by pissing everyone off by commandeering the bathroom to put on her gobs of makeup. And then she has to borrow money from Jessi to even get in the damn park. She thinks that since she’s a perfect California girl now, she’ll totes be picked as a volunteer to help demonstrate effects. But she’s not right for any of them. And then she gets annoyed with Jessi for being a know-it-all about the effects, having learned everything on the set of P.S. 162. If being a California girl turns you into a little ray of sunshine like this, I’m happy not to be one.

Erick and Ryan are pretty much the holy terrors Sunny made them out to be. They make a mess in the bathroom with water and paper towels (although Kristy doesn’t make them clean it up), they bitch and complain, and won’t stay sitting when they’re supposed to. However, they go through a simulated earthquake, and that freaks them out and makes them calm down. Kristy’s all proud of herself.

Stephie is the complete opposite, of course. She’s a bit shy at the beginning of the day, but perks right up and gets into everything. Anytime anything remotely interesting happens, Mary Anne freaks out and reaches for her inhaler, but everything goes fine.

Claudia calls Janine to ask her all about world affairs. Janine is actually confused for once, until Claudia explains about Terry. Janine tells her to just be herself, and tells her to ask Terry to join the group the next day. They’re going to look at stars’ homes and such. Terry gladly accepts, saying he loves old movies and stars. They go to Grauman’s Chinese Theater first, and then the Walk of Fame. Then they do their house tour, and Terry gets excited about people the others have never heard of. When they finally sit down for lunch, Terry tells Claud how he got into old movies, and she talks about the BSC, art, and Mimi. Turns out, they still really like each other, and Terry kisses her at the end of the day.

Jessi starts to feel bad about being annoyed with Mallory, so she invites her along on another visit to the set of P.S. 162. Jessi’s a little nervous about seeing Derek, because she’s made up her mind, and she wants to stick with dancing, and not act. Whatever, try to remember that when we get to the shit fit you throw during Starring the Baby-sitters Club. Anyway, Mal is annoyingly loud all day on the set, asking a ton of questions. Then the director asks for extras, and Mal volunteers, but he tells her her looks aren’t right. She just can’t believe that. At the end of the day, Jessi tells Derek her decision, and he’s all, whatever. No biggie.

Mallory is super depressed about what happened. She and Jessi make up, at least. But then she just keeps moping around about her looks, and skips out on going to a movie, and even a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. When the girls get back, Kristy finds Mal disparaging herself in front of the mirror, and she’s had enough. She gives Mal a talking to, and tells her she liked the old Mallory better. The others agree, and ask her if she’d like to go back to her old self. She would, but the dye’s not washing out. So they all troupe down to the drugstore, and find the shade closest to her natural color. Jessi buys if for her, and she dyes it back. And then Claudia and Stacey offer to buy her makeup from her. Ok. I’m totally sure makeup that worked for Mal would work for them, but whatever. Mal hands all the money over to Jessi. Back to her true self, Mal gets checked out by a cute boy the next day, but she knows she has good old Ben waiting for her at home.

Stacey is on her way home from another day of surfing, with Beau driving. And he just wants to get the hell home. On the freeway, they’re behind a slow moving truck, so Beau jerks into the left lane, and causes a four-car accident. Good job, dumbass. Beau asks everyone to lie for him, but Stacey doesn’t. Luckily, nobody’s badly hurt, but they all end up going to the ER anyway. After Stacey gets checked out, she calls Dawn’s house. Carol answers, and Stacey thinks she’s really lucked out. But as soon as Carol and Dawn arrive, Carol tells her they have to tell Mr. Schafer. Dawn is pissed.

So Stacey has to tell him when they get home, and he’s understandably upset. He forbids Stacey from seeing them again, which she wasn’t going to do anyway, and tells her she has to call her parents. She’s not so fond of this idea. Carol backs him up throughout, and Dawn finds herself actually growing in respect for Carol. She has a talk about it with her dad that night, and tells him she’s ok if he marries her. He’s not sure he’s ready for that yet. Yeah, wait a few more Super Specials. Then Dawn writes a very nice letter to Carol, but decides to wait to mail it to her until she’s back in Stoneybrook.

Mary Anne sits for Stephie one last time, and they decide to have another picnic at the park. On the way, Stephie gets upset about Mary Anne leaving, and has an asthma attack. But Mary Anne stays calm, and coaches her through using her inhaler. Then she gets her back to the house, and calls her father, who tells her to make her rest. So they talk for the rest of the afternoon, and agree to become pen pals.

Claudia goes on another date with Terry, but this time they just get fried chicken, and have a great time. She declares herself in love.

The whole group goes to Magic Mountain, and has a great time. Well, other than Mary Anne sitting out a few rides. Then they go to Medieval Times for dinner, and Dawn and Carol root for the same knight, and bond a little over that. When they get back to the house, Dawn goes ahead and gives Carol her letter anyway. Carol is very touched, and Dawn’s proud of herself.

Dawn has a little chat with Jeff, and tells him to give Carol a chance.

Then, it’s back to Connecticut. There’s the usual flurry of letters at the end. Claudia writes to Terry, and while he does write back once, I think we never hear from him again because he’s put off by her atrocious spelling.

The lottery gets up really high again, and the girls consider giving it another shot. They think they can go visit Stacey’s dad in New York if they win. Or, ya know, they can just do it in the next Super Special anyway.

o   Wait. Do we hear from Terry again, in Here Come the Bridesmaids? I’ve only read it once, I can’t remember.

o   As a theatre geek, my heart is super happy over Elaine Stritch guest starring on P.S. 162. She’s the shit.

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  1. Wow, Ann just has no idea how hair dye works, does she? You couldn't accidentally bleach your hair blonde. It stinks like whoa, plus tingles and sometimes burns, and it's not just a "won't wash out" thing it's a "removing pigment from your hair" thing.