Monday, February 17, 2014

BSC Super Special #1: Baby-sitters on Board Part Two

So Claudia takes off after her Secret Admirer, whom Stacey says she thinks has brown hair. But she bumps into a boy with blond hair. She asks him if she saw someone running past, and he says yes. Claudia’s bummed she missed him again. Claudia really is dumb sometimes. They introduce themselves, and his name is Timothy, and he’s actually from a town not far from Stoneybrook. They make plans to hang out with each other at Disney World.

When she gets back to her cabin, Claudia lays it down for Dawn and Kristy. She says she expects them to quit arguing when they get to their larger hotel room. When they get there however, Kristy tries goading Dawn. Then Claudia really lays the smack down, and demands they call a truce. They actually do, and they’re friends again.

When the girls go exploring the hotel, Kristy spots Mr. Staples trying to check out and go home. She talks him out of it, though.

Watson and Elizabeth actually take Karen and Andrew to the park themselves. They go to the Haunted Mansion, and it says something about hitchhiking ghost, so Karen gets convinced that she now has a ghost following her. Andrew gets scared by Snow White.

Dawn spends the day with Parker, of course. These girls will throw away their friends for a boy in a second. Dawn’s a little bitchy at first, because she’s been to Disneyland so many times, she’s not excited by Disney World. Until she gets on the first ride, and it is much better. She buys a glass unicorn charm to out on her antique, with a lot of sentimental value, bracelet. Then they run into Parker’s family, and his dad asks them to watch the boys for a while. Turns out they’re not brats after all. Then Dawn discovers she’s lost her bracelet, and she cries. Why would you wear something so important to you to Disney World anyway? But Parker buys her a new unicorn.

Mallory’s still trying to be a spy, but it’s pretty boring. Until she spots Alex, Mary Anne’s “friend.” She gets in line behind her, and it turns out, she’s there with her brother and her parents. And the parents are a famous singing couple. Mallory can’t wait to tell Mary Anne.

When she does, Mary Anne is pissed. And when she sees Alex the next morning, she straight up calls her a liar. But then Alex spends the whole day following Mary Anne, Claire, and Margo around, trying to make up. Mary Anne just ignores her. Alex finally gives up when Margo throws up on her shoes.

Poor Stacey gets stuck with the five boys again, and they’re still obsessed with pirates and finding treasure. And Byron does actually find something. But it turns out to be Dawn’s bracelet. She cries when they give it to her.

Karen’s being a brat, and lies and says it’s her birthday at breakfast, so the whole room sings to her. She says her ghost made her do it. Later she gets lost, but she says the ghost comforts her until she finds Elizabeth.

Stacey, Claire, and Margo run into Marc and his parents at Epcot, and decide to spend the day together. During lunch, his parents tell Stacey that Marc’s going to have a very risky heart operation, and they took him on this trip just in case anything should happen, they’d have the memories. Stacey has the sads.

On their last night, everybody goes to watch the parade. And some truths come out. Timothy is actually Alex’s little brother, and he’s also the “stowaway.” And of course, he’s also the Secret Admirer. He’s a busy man, that Timothy. Claudia feels fooled, but she’s not mad. She lets him kiss her.

Later that night, the girls finally come up with a present for the Pikes and Brewer adults, as a thank you. A scrapbook and a diary of the trip. It’s funny reading about them trying to remember what pictures they had taken. Remember when you actually had to wait to get them developed before seeing them?

At the airport, everybody says goodbye and exchanges addresses with their new friends.

On the plane, the boys are still looking at their treasure map. Until some guy passes by, and says it’s a copy machine diagram written in Dutch. Lulz.

A few months after they get home, Stacey finally hears from the Kubackis. Marc’s surgery was really difficult, but he ended up fine, and he’ll be totally normal in about a year. Yay.

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