Friday, February 7, 2014

BSC #10: Logan Likes Mary Anne!

By Ann M. Martin. Published February 1988.

So the girls are about to start the eighth grade for the first time. I think I’ll keep track of how many times they do so.

The most exciting thing that happens on the first day is seeing a new boy, who looks exactly like Mary Anne’s favorite celebrity, Cam Geary. He’s in Stacey’s homeroom, and his name is Logan Bruno. Mary Anne’s jealous Stacey already knows him.

What Kristy thinks is high excitement, however, is noticing a poster for a PTA meeting. She thinks that would be a great advertising opportunity for the club. So girls agree to make up new fliers to hand out then, as well as around Kristy’s new neighborhood, even though she thinks they’re all snobs.

Their plan goes a little too well. Claudia is inundated with calls from new clients, outside of meeting times. It’s so bad she calls an emergency meeting during lunch. Logan overhears, sits down next to Mary Anne and says that he has a lot of baby-sitting experience. They invite him to come to a meeting. Mary Anne’s so nervous she can’t say anything.

So he comes to the next meeting, and it goes okay, except the girls realize they can’t talk about things like bra straps in front of him. It’s never been a problem before, but whatever. And Mary Anne still can barely talk. But they line up a trial job for him, with a new client, the Rodowskys. Kristy would like another sitter to go with him, and Mary Anne is only one free.

Mary Anne gets over her nervousness enough to be professional. Jackie Rodowsky gets his introduction, being the complete accident-prone kid that he is. But Logan handles things well, and Mary Anne is impressed. After the job Logan tells Mary Anne she has a pretty smile. Aww, yeah.

Claudia has a crazy job at the Perfect Perkins. The girls are wonderful, of course, but their dog, Chewy, basically terrorizes the neighborhood. All because Claudia dropped his leash. Dumbass.

The girls discuss Logan at their next meeting. They all like him, and think it’s great he did a good job sitting, but they all remember how uncomfortable it was when he attended a meeting. They aren’t sure they’re okay with that. They decide to see what he says, and that Mary Anne should be the one to call.

She gets her nerve up, and calls him. But he says he actually doesn’t want to be part of the club. He then blindsides her by asking her to the school dance. She says yes.

Stacey sits for Charlotte, and they come up with the idea to surprise Mary Anne for her upcoming birthday. Stacey will have just a regular party, not specifically for Mary Anne, so it won’t embarrass her. But she’s planning a surprise cake, and having every one bring presents. That sounds like a party for Mary Anne to me, but whatever. It’s also going to be boy/girl party.

Mary Anne’s dad gives her his credit card to go shopping for something to wear to the dance. The entire club goes, and they find the famous cities skirt. I so wanted one of my own. It sounded like the shit.

Mary Anne’s so nervous about the dance, Kristy actually cancels the meeting that day so they can all help her get ready. They pay Janine a couple of bucks to answer the phone for them.

At the dance, Logan gives Mary Anne a corsage. Really? For just a regular middle school dance? Okay. Anyway, the dance is half over before actually start to, you know, dance. Mary Anne feels silly, but then she just starts copying Logan, which make him laugh. So they’re having a good time. Then he starts kicking like a Rockette (y’all just sit with that a minute), but when Mary Anne does the same, she kicks her shoe off, nearly hitting the vice principal in the head. Everyone laughs, and she’s mortified. She sits out the rest of the dance, but at least Logan’s not mad about that.

Kristy sits for the little Thomas-Brewers, and Dawn comes over to spend the night. There’s lots of foreshadowing for the next book, and, ugh, I can’t even deal with it right now. The kids fight, and Kristy and Dawn discuss possible gifts for Mary Anne.

Mary Anne gets permission to go to the party, asks Logan to go with her, and he says yes. Yay.

The day of the party, Stacey asks Mary Anne to come a half hour later. Mary Anne just thinks she’s nervous. When she gets there, she’s the last to arrive. She and Logan sit and talk for a long time, and he says he really likes this Mary Anne. But then they bring out the cake and presents, and Mary Anne is so embarrassed, she bolts, and runs home.

Nobody calls to check on her, so she assumes everyone is mad at her. That morning she asks her dad for a cat, and after some thinking, he agrees. He’s such a cool dad now. She calls Logan to make up, and tell him her news. He assumed she was mad at all of them, which wasn’t the case. So they’re all good, and he even goes to the shelter to pick out a kitten. She chooses a gray tiger cat she names Tigger.

Later, she calls Stacey to apologize. Like Logan, Stacey thought she was pissed. So they make up, too, and they decide the whole club should come meet Tigger the next day. When they do, they bring the cake and presents, and have a belated party.

At the next meeting, it’s another crazy one where they’re too busy to accept all the jobs. They come up with the idea of asking Logan to be an associate member, meaning they’ll only call him when they have to, and he doesn’t have to come to meetings. Mary Anne calls him with their proposal, and he gladly accepts.

o   Arrgh, this line has always bugged the shit out of me. “…and earn pretty much money, too.” I mean, what is that?

o   I don’t understand why they can’t use tape in their lockers, but using gum to put pictures up is okay.


  1. I always felt more like Mary Ann than any of the other members (the strict dad stuff really hits home!) so this was a special book for me.

    I too long for that Cities skirt! It's funny the things that stick out when reading these 15 years later.

  2. I love how Tigger was a kitten for the rest of the series. My cats were only kittens for a couple of months, but I also got to leave 8th grade.