Monday, February 3, 2014

BSC #8: Boy-Crazy Stacey

By Ann M. Martin. Published November 1987.

Scott looks like he's about 28.
Y’all, it’s the end of the world. The BSC is going to be split up for two whole weeks.

I won’t really give them too much grief, though. That is a long time when you’re thirteen. Stacey and Mary Anne are going to Sea City to be mother’s helpers for the Pikes, Dawn’s going to Cali to visit her dad, Claudia’s family is going to New Hampshire, and Kristy’s family is staying put, to work on this whole new blended family situation.

The girls get together one last time, at Kristy’s new mansion. They’re a little nervous about going over there, but Kristy still the same old Kristy, so it’s all good. When it’s time to leave however, the waterworks get turned on, and it’s so overly dramatic.

But then once Stacey gets home, she’s all, “Whatever, bitches, I’m going to the beach!” And to the beach she goes. Somehow the Pikes are able to afford renting out the same big house right on the beach every year. It’s in Sea City, NJ, which seems like a big summer playground.

Stacey almost immediately spots a total hunk of a lifeguard, and instantly falls in luv. It’s LUV, y’all. When she gets up the nerve to talk to him, she learns his name is Scott and he’s eighteen. She knows he’s too old for her, but she doesn’t care. She spends all her time talking to him, and running off to make him sandwiches and fetch him sodas. I always wondered if the Pikes would mind her giving away their food and drinks like that.

Of course, she SHOULD be watching the Pike kids. But no, she leaves Mary Anne with all the work. She pretty much says Mary Anne will just have to deal with it. It’s really pretty bitchy. At least Mary Anne gets some help from a guy mother’s helper.

On their night off, Stacey and Mary Anne go to the boardwalk. Stacey looks all over for a present for Scott, and finally chooses a big box of chocolate. But then they spot him kissing a girl much closer to his own age. So that little fantasy is over. Too bad, Stace.

She’s too embarrassed to go to the beach the next day. So she fakes sick, but ends up having to take care of a kid anyway. Ha. But she has a nice quiet day with Byron. After that, she just ignores Scott, and it’s really no biggie.

She finally meets the guy mother’s helper, Alex, and his cousin, Toby. Toby is apparently very cute, so of course Stacey falls in luv again. But at least Toby is only fourteen, and is actually interested in her, too.

On their last night, the girls go on a double date with Alex and Toby. Then Mary Anne is brave enough for them to split up to have separate dates. They have a very cute sounding evening, playing games on the boardwalk, and going through the Tunnel of Luv. Oh, yeah. Each of the girls gets a present to remember their guys by. Aww.

And then next day, it’s back to Stoneybrook and the BSC. Yay.

o   Mary Anne’s dad let her get her first bikini, as long as the bottom part was decent. So, the top can be totally indecent?

o   Still with the bikinis, Stacey’s is “very skimpy”. Why would you wear that to baby-sit a bunch of kids? I would think that would be uncomfortable.

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