Monday, April 7, 2014

BSC Super Special #3: Babysitters' Winter Vacation Part Two

Kristy is in a bit of a state, because her team lost the first event. And she pretty much blames it all on Dawn for being a klutz. Really nice, Kristy. While she’s got a few moments not devoted to the Winter War, Kristy organizes a snowman-building contest with the kids, and she gets Claudia to judge. The prizes are Polaroid pictures of the kids with their snowmen, which are put up in the lodge with ribbons by the winners. Then that afternoon is the snow sculpture contest for the big kids. Kristy gets pissed because Claudia chooses a Red Team member, her own team. That actually doesn’t sound fair.

Claudia takes an advanced skiing lesson. Apparently, she’s hot shit on the slopes. Her instructor is a cute French dude, Guy, who is totes impressed with her mad skills. Kristy tries to distract her, because she’s petty like that, but Claudia only has eyes for Guy. She has a moment of guilt, thinking about Will from Camp Mohawk, but she gets over that pretty quickly. She tells everyone in the club Guy has a crush on her.

Jessi holds auditions for the talent show. It’s supposed to be forty-five minutes long, including a seven minutes teacher skit. So that’s thirty-eight minutes, including Jessi dancing a solo, of course. That seems really short to me. But anyway, she can’t include every act, but she wrote a skit for those who didn’t make it. And then she’s letting the little kids participate. Mary Anne was supposed to help them write a skit, but she didn’t, and she just kind of shrugs it off. It’s kind of bitchy. So Jessi comes up with an idea, a skit making fun of their teachers. Everyone but Pinky loves it. Jessi assumes it’s because Pinky is prejudiced against her. Mal tries to tell her that’s not necessarily the case, but Jessi “knows better”.

Dawn’s still in a bad mood, and fighting with Mary Anne. They’re outright bitchy with each other, and once Claudia calls them on it, they’re all passive aggressive. It’s charming. Dawn plays Monopoly with some other friends, and humiliates herself by going bankrupt super fast. She’s goes into a bathroom to cry, but finds Pinky already crying in there. They talk, and in a moment of inspiration, Dawn asks Pinky if she’s homesick. That’s why she’s been acting all tough. Dawn wonders if her problem is she’s homesick, too.

Dawn and Mary Anne make up, and it’s all sunshine and rainbows. But when Dawn goes to join the snowball fight, Mary Anne gets all emo again. But then she gets a phone call, and it’s Logan calling from Aruba. Can you imagine how fucking expensive that must be? Mary Anne tells him everything that’s been happening, making the notebook for him kind of redundant, I think. They tell each other they miss one another, and Logan says he’ll die if she’s not home on Sunday. How fucking melodramatic.

Mallory realizes her spying skills suck. She gets caught, and finds out she was just jumping to conclusions on other stuff. Then everyone tells ghost stories before the talent show. Pinky climbs into Jessi’s lap.

Then the talent show finally happens. The teachers are a big hit. There are a few screw-ups, but nothing major. Then Jessi dances, and of course she’s wonderful. Everyone applauds, and she feels like she’s finally been accepted. After the show, Jessi goes into the bathroom, and Pinky’s in there crying again. Pinky apologizes for being mean that week, and Jessi realizes Mal might have been right about her not being prejudiced.

Claudia is still all hung up on Guy, and has quite a few fantasies about him. He gives her a private lesson, and she thinks he’s totally into her. He’s even there cheering her on during the downhill skiing competition. She personally beats Kristy, but the Red team loses. So their teams are now tied. During lunch, Guy walks in with his family and introduces them to Claudia. She’s crushed, but comforts herself by thinking that she’s still got Will.

Kristy’s team doesn’t have very many participants for the cross-country skiing event, so she gets all pushy and signs up thirteen kids who have never done it before. This goes about as well as you’d expect. Her team sucks, and one of the kids even breaks his ankle. And they lose the whole war. Kristy gets upset, and feels guilty about the kid’s ankle, but Mary Anne talks her down off the ledge.

Mallory’s freaking out about the dance that night, she even wishes the whole lodge would burn down. That’s a bit much, Mal. Then she comes up with an idea. The little kids should come to the dance, and she can watch them. But the kids kind of show her up, and all end up dancing themselves. But then a guy from her math class asks her to dance, and she realizes a dance isn’t that big of a deal after all.

Stacey, remember her? She’s just spent this whole week with Pierre. Then they spend the entire dance together. Stacey thinks she’s in love. It’s pretty boring.

That’s pretty much the whole trip. They get back to Stoneybrook fine. The boys sing a cruel song about a fat girl on the bus, Ethel, and Mary Anne snarks that it doesn’t keep Ethel from eating three Snickers. Damn. Fat-shaming much, Mary Anne?

Mary Anne is reunited with her precious Logan. She and her dad pick the Brunos up from the airport, which I think is kind of weird.

It takes Mary Anne twelve days to finish the book for Logan. She says he loved it. I say he probably didn’t even read it.

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