Friday, April 25, 2014

BSC SS #4: Baby-sitters' Island Adventure Part Two

The four members accounted for in Stoneybrook have an emergency meeting, but they don’t really accomplish much. Mary Anne is crying, of course, feeling guilty about what she said to Dawn. But Kristy and Mal are surprised when Jessi starts crying, too. Really? Her little sister, who she was responsible for, is fucking missing. Yeah, I’d cry too. They discuss what they can do to help. Aunt Cecelia isn’t allowing Jessi to go anywhere, and Mary Anne says she’s too much of a mess to help. What a cop out. Mal is going to go out on a boat and search with her family, though. Kristy wants to help, but says she has a Krushers practice that day, and a game the next, and she has responsibilities to them. Jessi’s all, Bitch, you got responsibilities to your friends, too. So Kristy cancels all Krushers activities.

Back on the island, they’re spelling out HELP with shells. Dawn and Claudia know it won’t work though, because the shells are the same color as the sand. But the kids are having fun. Then they start working on a fort. While they do that, Dawn and Claudia go looking for the boat, but they can’t find it. It must have been washed away. Dawn has a breakdown, but Claudia tells her to pull it together for the kids.

Mary Anne’s moping around her house. Logan calls, he’s sorry about the accident, but the two of them are still having a fight. Then Dr. Johannsen calls, asking Mary Anne if she still wants to sit. She had forgotten about it, but she does. Charlotte’s all torn up about Becca. Mary Anne suggests they ride down to the community center to see what’s happening. They see a lot of news people. Apparently earlier Sharon got bitchy with some of them. They try to talk to Mary Anne, but she copies Sharon. Mal’s family comes in, and she upset because they didn’t find anything.

The kids on the island ask about the boat, and Dawn and Claudia tell them it’s gone. Haley has a temper tantrum over it; it’s kind of awesome. Then they realize Jamie is sick. He has a fever and hurts all over. Then he gets delirious in his sleep. All the girls can do for him is give him water.

By the next morning, he’s a lot cooler, and sleeping peacefully. But the bad news is that they gave him all their water. Then Claudia, of all people, comes up with an idea. She rigs up a tarp, held up at the corners by sticks. When it rains again, it catches a bunch of water. It really is Claudia’s big shining moment in the series.

Stacey has had enough in New York, and tells her father she’s leaving. Deuces, Ed. When she gets to Stoneybrook, she has her mom take her right to the community center. There, they’re accosted by a reporter, but Stacey’s mom closes the window on the microphone. Her bitchface in the illustration is all kinds of awesome.

Then they get the news that Claudia’s boat has been found, completely empty. Kristy and Stacey go out to search with the Pikes. When they go out, they find pieces of what is probably Dawn’s boat, and it freaks them the hell out.

Claudia feels like she needs to do something, so she goes for a walk. She finds a piece of a mirror, and has another idea. If there’s sun, they can use it to signal to planes. The kids have fun practicing, and liken it to calling for Batman.

Kristy and Bart got into a fight because Kristy cancelled the game. He accused her of just trying to worm out of it. She got pissed and hung up on him. But he does call to apologize the next day. However, they get interrupted by the operator, breaking in with an emergency call from Jessi. She’s calling to let her know the castaways have been found.

The mirror trick works right away. How convenient that a search plane flies right over so soon. The pilot or somebody talks to them over a bullhorn, and they answer by waving their arms. He says they’ll send a Coast Guard boat for them.

It takes a couple of hours, but it finally arrives. They send a couple of people to the island on a smaller boat, one of which is a doctor. She checks Jamie over, and tells the girls they did exactly right for him. Then they finally get to go to the big boat, and are reunited with their parents. Lots of tears and hugs.

Dawn tells her mom she feels like a failure, because all she did was nurse Jamie, and otherwise fall apart. But her mom helps her see that maybe she learned she doesn’t always need to be the strong one, and Claudia learned she could be.

When they arrive at the dock, there are many more tearful reunions. Mary Anne and Dawn swear to never not speak again. Yeah, remember this when we get to the mug-breaking incident, girls. Then all the castaways are whisked off to the hospital to be checked over.

They’re all ok, except for Jamie, who has strep throat and an ear infection. Everyone but him gets to go home and rest. But Jamie goes home the next day, and his fellow castaways are there to greet him.

And then the next day, Wednesday, the girls cancel their club meeting. I know, right? The reason for it is because the castaways have a press conference. A very big deal, for five minutes on the local news. And then on Friday (don’t get those stories out too fast, there), their story makes the front page of the paper. Again, apparently a very big deal. Kristy is thrilled because there’s a picture of the club, and she thinks it will be good advertising. I don’t know Kristy. Two of your members nearly got four kids killed. But, ok. Whatever.

o   They are never able to get ahold of Mr. Schafer, until they call to tell him they’ve been found. This amuses me for some reason.

o   So when they cancel their Wednesday meeting, they hook up an answering machine, and ask clients to leave their info, and they’ll get back to them. It works well. So couldn’t they do that, like, all the time?

o   I would have liked it if there had been more of a bond formed between everyone who was on the island. It was pretty traumatic. I know they do reference the whole thing a few times, but I would have liked to see the relationships that formed.

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  1. And to think I used to agree with Jessi that Aunt Cecilia was this horrible person, when really she was the most (if not the only) responsible adult in the whole book. Of course the first time I read this book, I also thought that being stranded on an island sounded like tons of fun...