Monday, March 24, 2014

BSC Super Special #2: Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation Part Two

Dawn is very frustrated with Heather still introverting. She’s not rude, she just doesn’t want to talk. She’s just different from the other girls. You ought to respect that, Little Miss Individual.

Their counselor gets some bad news, her mom is sick and she has to leave right away. They’ll get new counselor the next day, but until then, Dawn is in charge. And their overnight camping trip will go on as planned.

Poor Stacey. She’s stuck in the infirmary, with a whole list of issues. She’s got poison ivy, pinkeye, a cold, impetigo, and a bunch of insect bites. But her diabetes is under control, so that’s good. And she’s got a cool roommate, Miko, a fellow CIT with a broken leg.

Kristy is still dealing with Charlotte and her homesickness. She cries over everything. But she’s enjoying the rehearsals for their dance. Kristy, however, is not enjoying herself getting ready for the CIT dance. The other CITs “experimented” on her, with makeup and hair, in preparation for the dance. And she ended up “not revolting”. But it made her feel like a fake Kristy.

Claudia’s campers have found out the name of her mystery guy, Will Yamakawa. That means he’s Japanese, which will totes please her parents. They also found out he’ll be at the movie night. So Claudia gets half-way dolled up (she’s saving the special look for the dance), and they head over to the boys’ side. She finds Will right away, and introduces herself. He’s happy to see her. They sit in the back and talk, but they get in shushed, so they go outside to continue. Claudia learns his grandmother lived with his family, and he was very close with her. She recently dies. Foreshadowing. Boo.

Dawn cabin gets their new counselor, Debra, who’s only fifteen. So a fifteen-year-old and two thirteen-year-olds lead a bunch of eleven-years olds out into the woods for their overnight. Debra gets them lost pretty quickly, and they never find their correct campsite. But Heather has all sorts of tips and ideas, and nobody freaks out. They spend the first night in a clearing, and then wander around lost the entire next day, accidentally making it back to the clearing for the second night. The next Heather asks if she can please be in charge, and she gets them right back to Camp Mohawk. She gets an award for bravery. Dawn bitches that they all should have got one, but concedes that Heather deserved one the most.

While the other girls have more respect for Mary Anne now, they still test her. They say they want to pierce her hers, and she gamely goes along with it. They gather up all the supplies, and are about ready to do it, when the other girls chicken out. Mary Anne is relieved, and can’t wait for them to meet Logan at the dance, to prove he’s real.

It’s finally the night of the dance, and everyone gets to see that Mary Anne and Logan are in fact a real live couple, and neither of them complete dorks. And Mary Anne does nothing embarrassing. Logan was a bit worried.

Claudia has her super romantic night with Will at the dance. They end up going outside to talk again. They realize they’ll probably never see each other again. They both cry when it’s time to leave, but they don’t exchange addresses or phone numbers. They just leave it as a two-day romance.

Kristy gets all made over for the dance by the other CITs. And then she’s all nervous about going. Of course, once she goes to leave, Charlotte starts crying. Oy. But she actually ends up having a pretty good time at the dance. And Charlotte lives through the evening.

Stacey is finally allowed to leave the infirmary on Monday of the second week, and is able to keep herself out of anymore sickness related trouble. Her side of the cabin gets “Christmased” by the other side, and it sounds pretty cute.

Remember that Jessi and Mal were at camp as well? Yeah, I’d almost forgotten, too. So the dance/skit that they came up with for their girls is a not-so-subtle way of getting back at their racist bitch bunkmates. They have Becca and Charlotte playing twins, who get picked on, but learn to trust one other girl. Most of the racist bitches apologize at the end.

And of course we have a letter-writing epilogue. Turns out, Claudia’s campers figured out a way to get Will’s address, so they do actually end up writing each other. A lot, apparently, although we never hear about him again, except I think maybe in passing a time or two.

o   Is it campsight or campsite? Spellcheck agrees with me, campsite. But the book says campsight, multiple times.

o   In a postcard to Ashley, Claudia remarks that Will is a funny name. What? Since when?

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