Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sleepover Friends #2: Starring Stephanie

By Susan Saunders. Published 1987.

The girls are watching a movie at their sleepover, when they see a commercial for a new music group called Boodles. They are going to be filming a video in Riverhurst, and if you can guess where it will be filmed from clues they give out, you can be in it. The girls think that would be really cool.

Over the course of the night, the girls accidentally eat most of a chocolate mousse Kate’s mom made for a party the next night. The girls do their best to make a new one, and end up making a huge mess, but they eventually get it done. While looking outside for violets to crystalize, Lauren notices a light on in the empty McBride house.

On their way to the mall, the girls get talked into playing baseball with a group of boys. Stephanie purposefully messes up a throw so her crush, Michael, can score. When they hear about auditions for a school play, Stephanie thinks that will be the perfect way to get Michael to notice her. She gets Patti to agree to audition, too, even though she’s super shy and messes up a lot when they’re rehearsing.

The next sleepover is at Patti’s house. Her annoying cousin, Lester, is staying there for the weekend. He pulls a bunch of pranks on the girls, like putting red pepper on the pizza and olive oil in sodas. He also locks them in the attic when they’re up there practicing for auditions. Patti has to climb out the window and down a tree. Unfortunately the burglar alarm goes off when she tries to crawl in the kitchen window.

On the day of auditions, Stephanie and Patti have to read with Michael. Stephanie gets stage fright because of Michael. Patti does fine however, because she’s rehearsed so much and she’s worried about Stephanie and not herself.

Patti ends up getting the lead, and Michael will be playing her love interest. Stephanie is fucking pissed. She won’t talk to any of the other girls, and refuses to go to the next sleepover at Lauren’s house.

At said sleepover, the girls hear strange noises outside. They go out, and figure out it’s coming from the old McBride house. Taking Bullwinkle with them for protection, they go to investigate. Suddenly Bullwinkle takes off, and when they catch up with him, Bullwinkle is on top of Russell Gartner, the lead singer of Boodles. The girls figure out that this is where the video will be shot. The news that they’ll get to be in the video makes Stephanie forget she was mad.

The girls learn that making a video is a lot of work. They also learn Boodles isn’t a very good band. But Stephanie decides she’s forgotten about Michael, and now thinks Russell Gartner is cute.

o   One of Stephanie’s new ideas about clothes is wearing her sweatshirt upside down over her legs. Doesn’t Karen do that in a BSC book?
o   The name of the video is “I’ve Gone Dotty Over You” and is filmed in a black and white polka dot painted room. Does that count as Room Porn?

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  1. Stephanie was just into swants before they were cool. Or a thing.