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Girl Talk #1: Welcome to Junior High

Published April 1991

This is actually a really accurate depiction of how the
girls are described and what they're wearing.
I appreciate that.

Shockingly enough, we begin on the first day of junior high, meaning seventh grade. Our narrator is Sabrina Wells, who we learn has curly auburn hair, is 4’10 ¾”, blushes easily, has four brothers, including a twin, Sam, is always late, wants to work on her self-improvement, and wants to be a great actress. This is apparently important, she says this phrase at least 3 times in the first chapter alone.

Late as usual, Sabrina has to go to the office for her schedule and stuff. There she meets The Human Pencil, whom I guess is the secretary. I have such a vivid memory of her from reading this when I was little. She is “really tall and skinny and her skin is kind of yellow. Her hair is pulled up tightly on top of her head in a bun and it looks like an eraser.” I don’t know why that stuck with me so clearly.

Sabrina gets to her locker, and sees her locker partner has already been there. This is a totally foreign concept to me. Did anyone else have locker partners? Weird.

She goes to her first class, math. But whoops, wrong room. It’s actually an eighth grade class. She goes to leave, trips, and falls into the lap of a hot guy who looks like Tom Cruise. Remember when Tom was a hottie and not some brainwashed psycho?

She finds her correct class, and ends up sitting next the gorgeous but shy Allison Cloud. “She’s a Native American. That’s what American Indians are called.” Thank you for enlightening us.

Sabrina meets her locker partner, the preppy sounding Katie Campbell. They know each other, but they’re not good friends. They’re at their locker looking at a magazine (Sabrina is really into horoscopes) when Alec, the Tom Cruise look-a-like, comes down the hall. But he’s heading for Stacy the Great, the popular principal’s daughter. Sorry Sabrina. She and Katie head for band, where Sabrina plays clarinet and Katie is a flag girl.

After band, Sabrina runs into a tough looking girl. She’s wearing a black leather jacket, and has untied shoe laces! Sabrina wonders if she’s from New York City. It turns out she’s in the same homeroom and English class as Sabrina, Katie, and Allison. Her name is Rowena Zak, but prefers to be called Randy. She is from New York, and she’s “a real character.”

The four girls are put on the homecoming dance decorating committee, with Sabrina in charge.

At lunch, Sabrina, Katie, and Allison are sitting at a table together, when Stacey the Great tells them to move. Sabrina puts up a small fight, but then they start to move. That’s when Randy comes up and bumps into Stacey, dumping her tray on her clothes. A suit and heels, btw. Stacey storms off, and Randy sits down with the other girls. She doesn’t say much.

Stacey comes across Sabrina’s Self-Improvement notebook and starts reading it out to everyone, including Alec. Randy comes to the rescue again.

At the end of the week, Katie and Allison go over to Sabrina’s house to work on the decorating committee, as well as talk about Sabrina’s crush on Alec. Randy is busy. They go up to Sabrina’s room, which is the entire attic. I was always SO jealous of that. They don’t get much done though, because they play basketball with Sam and his friends, including cute Nick. Sabrina thinks Katie and Sam like each other.

Katie and Sabrina meet again for the committee, but Sam is there, and offers his idea for a Welcome to the Jungle theme. Katie likes it, Sabrina hates it. After a meeting with their teacher, they decide to go with the same theme the high school is using, Lost in Space.

Saturday, Katie and Sabrina begin Operation Alec. Katie plans on talking to his friend Todd, who she knows. She tells him Katie likes Alec, and he tells Alec. The ball is now in his court. But later Sabrina overhears Stacey talking about going to the dance with Alec.

After hearing that, Sabrina is close to tears. She picks up supplies to decorate for the dance, and bumps into Randy. She almost cries. But Randy is really nice to her, and her friend Spike comes along. He’s in the band that’s playing the dance, and he looks like Johnny Depp. That’s better than Tom Cruise. Randy has some great ideas for the dance involving lights and a smoke machine.

It’s the day of the Homecoming Parade, which Sabrina is about to march in. Nick comes over to talk, and Sabrina drops her wet reed, which Nick picks up and gives back to her. Read into that what you will. She’s grossed out by it. He asks her to the dance, but she doesn’t have time to answer, as they have to line up. She doesn’t really want to go with him, though. She likes him as a friend. But at the end of the parade he asks her again, and she says yes anyway.

The next day the girls are setting up the lights for the dance. Sabrina learns that Randy’s dad directs commercials and music videos. She also learns that Sam and Katie are going to the dance together. Spike comes in, and he and Sabrina dance together to test out the lights. Then Nick comes in, and starts acting weird.

Phone call chapter. Nick calls Sabrina and dumps her. Sabrina calls Katie, who figures out Nick is jealous. Katie calls Alison, who calls Randy, who calls Sabrina. She convinces Sabrina to go to the dance anyway, and to come over to her house before.

Randy dresses Sabrina up in one of her New York outfits. But Sabrina gets bummed out watching all the couples at the dance, and starts to leave. Then a spotlight is put on her, and Spike dedicates a song to her, and Nick asks her to dance to it. They make up, and decide they’re friends.

Sabrina goes over to her friends, and learns it was Randy’s idea for the song, and Allison was watching her try sneak out. But they wouldn’t let her miss her big moment.  They end with Randy putting her arm around Sabrina and saying, ”Welcome to junior high, kiddo.”

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