Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Twitter Transcript

Ok, so I didn’t get to watch this live exactly, I went out of town all of a sudden. Surprise! But they re-aired it twice more, so no biggie!

Y’all. It was SO bad! Completely excellent.

I know I'm COMPLETELY late on ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory , had to go out of town. But I'm taking the late shift!

So the most important thing in casting was getting the hair correct, right? ‪#priorities ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

I am SURE it's that easy to get a show decided upon, with a stupid "oh...alright!" grin ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Screech looks like senior Screech, while Zack looks like middle school Zack. ‪#awkward ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Hayley Mills my ass... ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Belding's voice is pretty good though. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Youngest by far? What-the-fuck-ever. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

There's nothing I could say about Slater's face that wouldn't be incredibly insulting ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Did everyone have to call her "Tiffani Amber" constantly? ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Would Lisa Turtle really ever wear anything that tame? ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Hahaha, having directed a lot of teens, it is ridiculous to freak out after the 1ST run through. Good lord ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

THAT was an impressive example of his dancing?... ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

You're such a buzzkill, Tiffani Amber! ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Hell yeah. The brick phone. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

There truly are no words for how bad the acting is for this. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

HA! "The young cast was clearly chosen for their looks and not their talent" How meta. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Oh shit! Sexy Slater! Oh noes!!! ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

We demand Very Special Episodes, damn it! ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

No Tiffani Amber. No, you are not good actors. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Lord. So much teenage douchebaggery. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Ummmm...he DID say it to your face... ‪#dumbass ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Y'all, I loved me some Violet. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

...I'm getting bored... ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

So Screech turns into an alcoholic the same say they rehearse ‪#ImSoExcitedImSoScared ? Life is awesome. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

I'm guessing that was the little girl from earlier? ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Screech, the Drunken Karate Kid ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

...is that guy Screech's assistant now or something? I'm confused. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Screech got drunk and laid! Huzzah! ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Not by the guy in the previous tweet, just to be clear. At least, I don't think so... ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

What IS Saved By the Bell without Zack and Kelly? ‪#truerwords ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Oh Mark Paul. You. Are. Such. A. Bad. Ass. ‪#whatever ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

...what? Dustin Diamond came up with TWSS? What-the-fuck-ever. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Omg! SBtB blackmail?! Say it isn't so! ‪#notreally ‪#dontcare ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

And Zack looks like he's graduating from 8th grade. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Are flashbacks really necessary in a 2 hour TV movie??? ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

So that woman is responsible for the College Years and the New Class? ‪#imighthateyou ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Yeah, that kid is way too adorable to portray Dustin Diamond. ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

Hahaha "The End...ish" in script. SO DRAMATIC. Way to class it up there at the end! ‪#UnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory

So, overall? Hilariously bad, but NOTHING ACTUALLY INTERESTING EVER HAPPENED. I do not understand exactly what the point of making this was. But, it amused me.

And here’s this, just to amuse you:

For the record, I was completely a Zack girl. I was a sucker for the longest time for that damn 90’s haircut. So, what about you? Zack or Slater?


  1. Slater! I actually dated a guy in high school (for about two months) who was on the wrestling team and had the same dark complexion, and bears a resemblance to Slater, minus the mullet. I didn't make the connection until I caught some reruns later on.

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