Friday, August 29, 2014

So, hey. Guess what?

I'm not actually dead, y'all!

I know, you're probably thinking, "Bitch, I don't care. You totally abandoned us, and left us bereft of snarky goodness." And you would totally be right in thinking that. I am a bad, BAD blogger, and I apologize.

So, just what the hell have I been up to, then? Here's a quick look at my my meager excuses:

  • Most of my time has been taken up by being in charge of getting this built
           Still not totally finished, but the hard parts are done.

  • Taught my six-year-old niece how use a level and a miter saw while working on the set. She is my Mini-Me.
  • Obtained this injury
I know, right? I'm kinda proud of it.
  • Got in SO MUCH trouble with my friends for letting the above happen, and now they all feel like they have to babysit me. Hmmph.
  • Had a totally fantastic geeky time with said friends welcoming Doctor Who back

  • Followed by a rousing game of this
Highly recommended

  • And then a delightfully girly talk with one of my goddaughters and another friend's daughter. They are BSC ages, btw, and I love these girls to death, and they really are mature, but I would have a terribly hard time leaving them completely in charge of other children.
  • And that brings us up to this week, which, in all seriousness, is my Holy Week. You might think I'm being facetious, but I'm truly not. Ready?
          College football is my religion.

           True facts, y'all. I'm not a follower of the "real" religions. This is what does it for me. I have all the same fervor that a tongue-speaking snake-handler has. I just curse at players and refs, and the only animals involved are mascots. My team is the Longhorns, but I love ALL college football. I will watch literally any game that is on, anytime. And everyone knows that the first full Saturday of college ball (which is tomorrow) is the day I call my Christmas. I'm looking at approximately 17 hours of football related viewing. I can't wait!

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. I've enjoyed my break, but I miss writing the blog. So, I'm looking at starting back up again next week. Not everyday, there are still theatre type things that must be done, but a few times a week.

BUT, before then...don't forget that Monday, September 1st, we have what is sure to be a cinematic masterpiece, the Lifetime Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story coming up! And you know I'm going to be live tweeting the shit out of this. So join me, won't you? Preferably with an alcoholic beverage of your choice.


  1. Welcome back! Even when there are no new posts, I still look at your list of links to see which ones have updated. It's very handy!

  2. "Got in SO MUCH trouble with my friends for letting the above happen, and now they all feel like they have to babysit me. Hmmph."

    Just make sure they don't charge more than three bucks an hour, and that write about it in the club notebook.

    "College football is my religion."

    I've got my University of Washington shirt and earrings on, my nails are painted in team colors, my girls have Husky shirts, and kickoff is in 15 minutes. I bet my niece and nephew have Longhorn gear on today; my brother's at UT.

    1. I should totally make them write it up! I think only one would get it, but it would amuse me highly!

      I'm watching your game right now! And now that I have a reason to, I'm totally rooting for Washington from now on! I've got my nails done, too. Little Longhorn appliques. :) Yay, another football woman! Makes me happy!

    2. Man, that game was way closer than it should have been. We should have trounced Hawaii, not squeaked by by one point. But a win's a win. I'm glad your Longhorns won, too.

      Yes, football woman all the way. One of, if not the, first songs I learned was the Husky fight song ("Bow Down to Washington"), and I love the Seahawks too--including their dismal years. The last Superbowl was wonderful after having cheered for them in the 80s and 90s.

      Raising my girls to appreciate football too. If I tell them "Go Huskies!" or "Go Seahawks!" they'll hold their arms in up a touchdown signal. My older daughter (almost 4) is like me; she prefers college football.The Huskies won their first bowl game in twelve years about a month after she was born: she's good luck. We took the girls to their first game last year--lost to Oregon, but it was closer than I thought it would be, at least. My younger daughter (almost 16 months) gets more excited for the NFL. When we watched the Superbowl in February, she kept doing touchdown signals (just like the refs!) and would growl when the Broncos were onscreen.

      My dad taught my brothers and me how to throw a spiral, something my husband never learned. I'll be teaching him and the girls the right way to throw a football!

    3. Oh my gosh it sure was! That was stressful. And I started worrying, "Have I brought bad mojo to SJSiff's team?" Lol

      And absolutely, I can't remember ever NOT knowing "Eyes of Texas", and all children in our family must learn how to probably do Hook 'Em, preferably before they're two or so. :)

      I put on a "Texas college clinic" for one of my friends last night watching Baylor/SMU, teaching her locations, hand signals, mascots, etc. Apparently it was hilarious.

      And today I'm slightly devastated. We've lost our starting QB and Center. We may be screwed, but we'll see. The season definitely just got more interesting!

    4. My Texas nephew does the hook 'em horns, and I'm sure he's trying to teach his sister (my niece is only eight months old). His parents went to Arizona State for undergrad and he also does the Fork 'Em signal.

      I hope your QB recovers from his concussion quickly! And Espinosa with a broken ankle--geez.